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Best CBD Oil Brands of 2020

1:33 pm EDT 10/12/2020

CBD oils and CBD products are all the rage nowadays, and for good reasons too. They are highly appreciated for their therapeutic properties which include pain relief, anxiety and depression treatment, acne reduction, and even neuro-protective activities.

But with all good things come a clamor to get the best of the best. And in a world with a lot of options of terrific CBD oils brands to go with, choosing the most optimal ones for you can easily end up being a chore. 

You don’t have to worry, though, because we have provided for you below, a selection of some of the best CBD oil brands around in 2020 and beyond, along with an extensive buying guide that walks you through the details to be on the lookout for when purchasing CBD oils in 2020.

Without further ado, then, we present to you the best CBD oils of 2020.

Best CBD Oil Brands

1. Naturefine+

One of the most important things to be on the lookout for when purchasing a CBD oil is its effectiveness and potency. Now there are quite a few ways to determine this, such as taking a look at the product ingredients, formulation, tests carried out and so on.

It also takes quite the expert to fully guarantee that a product is of the highest quality after all of these examinations. Luckily, we can strongly say that Naturefine+ definitely falls into this category, and that this is absolutely one of the major reasons why they make it to the very top of our list.

Apart from reliable, high quality products, Naturefine CBD oils are also known for maximum absorption, which is another CBD property that is quite noteworthy and commendable. 

If you’re looking for a CBD oil brand you can trust for their effectiveness and efficacy, Naturefine+ is definitely worthy of topmost consideration.

Naturefine+ CBD oil and other products are available for purchase on The Emerald Corp Shop.

2. Upland Hemp

Upland Hemp is a quite popular CBD brand with an established reputation as one of the best in the industry, and rightfully so too. 

Very well deserving of a place on our list, Upland Hemp stands out from the rest of the pack for a number of reasons, including their remarkable product formula, strong emphasis on establishing a solid, understanding relationships with their customers, and of course their ability to create CBD products of the highest quality and potency. 

Lastly, all ingredients found in Upland Hemp CBD oils are derived from all natural products and are available for purchase on a host of platforms around the net. 

3. Vibe CBD 

From the name itself, it is quite obvious that Vibe CBD was created for those with the need for bliss; for positive “vibes”, if you please. And if the efficacy of a product is judged by how well it fulfills its promised effects, then yes, by all means Vibe CBD has proven to be well capable of delivering the promises it offers.

Being a cannabinoid rich, broad-spectrum CBD, Vibe CBD oil is able to operate through a mechanism that ensures optimal delivery of all the benefits to be gotten from both CBD and other cannabinoids present after extraction.

For what it’s worth, it is also key to note that Vibe CBD is grown and extracted by a group of licensed, highly specialized experts, at GMP certified facilities with state-of-the-art technique and machinery.

So if you’re on the lookout for a CBD brand that ensures prolonged tranquillity and good vibes all around, Vibe CBD is definitely the one for you.

Vibe CBD Oil and other products are available for purchase on The Emerald Corp Shop.


Budd CBD oil is definitely one of the purest and most powerful CBD oils out there. It is a premium product in every sense of the word, and it offers such a profound effect that there’s no way you consume a Budd CBD oil without feeling the effect right through the very core of your being.

Another reason why Budd is one of the very best CBD oil brands in 2020 are their quality extraction process, and of course the reputation the company has already built for itself as a highly trustworthy outfit.

In short, if what you want is a CBD brand that you can trust; that operates with a high level of transparency, and as a sizable number of great customer reviews, then Budd is definitely one deserving of serious consideration.

5. Left Hook CBD

Next on our list of the very best CBD oil brands in the year 2020 is Left Hook CBD, a brand known not only for its unique name, but also for meticulousness in terms of product selection and formulation. 

All of this ensures that in every drop of a Left Hook CBD oil there is a remarkable amount of potency that hits you so profoundly, you will probably never forget the experience for a long time to come.

Endorsed by celebrities such as Roy Jones Jr, Left Hook CBD is there to give you that left hook unlike any other, and boy does it deliver on its promises!

Left Hook CBD oil and other products are available for purchase on The Emerald Corp Shop.

6. Nature’s RX  

Nature’s RX stands out as a premier CBD oil brand thanks to their amazing record and meticulousness towards making use of proper ingredients and formulation techniques to achieve the most optimal quality for their consumers.

They spare no expense on extensive lab testing, and, just like The Emerald Corp, they prioritize high transparency through thorough product tests and third party tests.

Particularly regarding their CBD oil, it is refreshing to know that all their products are made with certified non-GMO organic standard hemps, all grown in the United states and are formulated without contaminants and additives.

The market of CBD oils is a quite competitive one full of brands of all sizes with varying reliability, but we can say for sure that Nature’s RX CBD is without a doubt one of the most impressive ones around.

7. Hemp EMU

Hemp EMU is a quite brazen and bold CBD oil brand that, among other impressive attributes, is not scared to take risks. They are fast becoming a well-received name in the CBD oil industry, and it isn’t so hard to see why.

One of the reasons this is so, and why they’re deserving of a place on our list, is the wide range of activities their products seek to tackle.

What we mean by this is that unlike other subpar products on the market, Hemp EMU CBD oil operates through a mechanism that ensures that it is able to tackle a whole lot of health conditions, and provide healing benefits targeted towards different directions.

For example Hemp EMU Oil advertises benefits such as joint pain relief, chronic pain treatment, and even an improved flexibility and mobility of the entire body system, and from numerous customer reviews and feedback, it is clear that the product delivers.

Best CBD Oils 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best CBD oil in the year 2020 can be a very challenging process. CBD products have garnered so much acclaim, and have been proven to offer so much health benefits, that, sadly, a lot of sub-par quality products are starting to emerge on the market.

Below are some of the things to look out for when in the market for high-quality CBD oil.

Expensive Doesn’t Equals Quality 

Just like in any other market, it is quite common to think that products that cost more usually offer the highest qualities. While this is true for a number of reasons, it can also be grossly misleading.

This is why it is always great to have it in mind when shopping for high quality CBD oil, that price and quality do not always correlate.

Learn About Manufacturing Process

The best CBD oil brands are those with the best manufacturing processes. They are generally industry compliant and usually subject their products to third-party testing and other quality assurance practices.

An example of such companies is The Emerald Corp, and the brands highlighted on our list above.

Great Reputation and Comprehensive Store with Detailed Information

Be wary of any CBD brand that advertises and markets their products through unsolicited messages alone, or through a hastily put-together social media page. The best CBD oil brands will always have a detailed website and store where you’ll find important information about the company, brands, and their manufacturers processes.

What Kind of CBD Do You Want?

Another important point to identify before making a CBD oil purchase is the exact kind of CBD you want, that is, what spectrum classification does it fall into? Generally CBD falls into three different spectrum categories: the full spectrum CBD, the broad spectrum CBD, and pure CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD is for people who are tolerant to a minute amount of THC and other cannabinoids, while broad spectrum CBD is for people who want a taste of CBD and other cannabinoids, without the THC component. 

Pure CBD isolate is suitable for those who are intolerant of THC, and only want to consume CBD alone in its purest form.