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Mike Tyson & Roy Jones Jr. Split Draw

10:18 am EST 1/20/2021

In one of the most anticipated matches of the year, boxing legend Mike Tyson faced off with Left Hook CBD’s very own legend, Roy Jones Jr. and what followed was a quite exhilarating affair indeed. 

The anticipation that preceded the game was something to behold, and for good reasons too. The only major question was whether or not the match would live up to the anticipation.

We at The Emerald Corp also looked on with special anticipation, thanks to the connection between our partner brand, Left Hook CBD and the legend himself Roy Jones Jr.

In the end, we were not disappointed. Below is a quick recap of how the game went and our perspective of it at The Emerald Corp.

The Buildup

When two legends of the game come head to head in a game of skills and dexterity, it is bound to receive a lot of hype and noise during the build-up. This match was no different.

Months in the making, everyone questioned whether or not these two legends still had it in them. The answer, of course, was an absolute yes as they both proved on the day of the match.

And despite the fact that the game ended in a draw, not many would feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth because the match indeed had everything. 

Mike Tyson, being the legendary master of the game that he is, brought everything he had to the table. And Roy Jones Jr. being an absolute legend with a killer mindset, did not fail to deliver.

The Preparation

All across social media you could find videos and clips of both men preparing for the match. Mike Tyson, looking fierce and fascinating as usual, was praised for his amazing fitness despite being out of the game for so long.

Roy Jones Jr.’s preparation was also as fascinating as Mike’s. A proud Left Hook ambassador, Roy Jones Jr’s tenacity and determination reflected everything the brand stands for. 

His stamina, tenacity, strength, and recovery – the full array of the Left Hook brand – was in full display both before, during, and even after the game.

Anyway, with the stage all set, the two men took the ring and what followed was a brilliant spectacle to say the least.

A Showcase of Skills

When you watch two men with a combined age of 105 years fight, you probably don’t expect much explosiveness and power. Yet this match had it all. Just as the preparation indicated, both men entered the ring locked in and ready to go.

More profound than the explosiveness, though, was the array of skill sets on display during the match. It was quite a sight to behold for lovers of the sport who really appreciate fitness and proactive calculations.

The two legends went at it for over 16 minutes, finally culminating in a draw – a result that would probably be satisfactory to both sides seeing as it reflects just how much both fighters brought to the table.

In the end, some analysts may focus on the inability of both men to go for the final killer touch. But some who really appreciate the aesthetics would choose to admire the calculations and patience it took them to get there in the first place.

The Left Hook

Both Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. are known to pack a hell of a punch, with both men also revered for being quite adept at delivering that trademark Left Hook – a move widely popular and appreciated all over the world of boxing. Many people looked forward to seeing this left hook on display, and the legends did not disappoint.

There were also a few no look jabs and some showboating to boot – all of which made up some of the key moments that we at Left Hook CBD and The Emerald Corp CBD Shop particularly enjoyed.

Left Hook CBD remains very proud of its partnership with the legend Roy Jones Jr., and we’re certain that this fight has taken a step further in our bid to showcase the power, stamina, and recovery ability of our brand.

What They Said

While the overall atmosphere after the fight was a cherry and celebratory one, the reaction from both fighters had a slight contrast to it.

Mike Tyson, on the one hand, said he was quite happy with the result, while Roy Jones Jr. was just a little less thrilled.

In his own words, “I wear draws, I don’t do draws.”

Now that’s a winning mentality.

In terms of what’s to come, Mike Tyson told interviewer Jim Gray that he planned to move forward fighting more exhibitions and he didn’t even dismiss the idea of running it back again with Jones. in fact, he actually seemed quite thrilled with the idea.

Further on, he said of the rounds: “I’m used to doing it for three minutes, sometimes, that two minutes felt like three minutes. I’m happy I got this under my belt to keep doing this and go further.”

Looking Forward

Another contrasting opinion expressed after the fight was Roy Jones Jr.’s lack of commitment to another fight. As opposed to Tyson, he didn’t show much enthusiasm to another fight, stating in his own words, that it was “hard to say.”

Both shut down any idea of coming back to the ring as professionals, a development that didn’t come as a surprise to many. No doubt both men still have it in them, but it’s obviously past time to leave the bulk of the thrill to the young ones out there who can only hope to emulate their idols and at least come close to achieving some of the things these great men have.

The Bigger Picture

Ultimately, even though the fight had it all, in the end it was much more than just an ordinary exhibition fight. As Tyson eloquently puts it, “This is bigger than fighting and winning the championship, we’re humanitarians and we’re helping people.”

Helping people remain the paramount task left for these true heavyweight champions who have truly seen and done it all. We can only hope to follow as they set these wonderful examples.