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How to purchase CBD Safe & Secure Online

11:45 pm EDT 9/16/2020

It is perfectly understandable to question whether or not it is legal to buy CBD Online for a number of reasons. First of all, it is always reasonable, and even advisable, to carry out proper research before you request for any product to be mailed to your house. 

Furthermore, with a product like CBD, with the nuances involved in spectrums and product sources, doing proper research beforehand becomes more than an obligation. It’s practically a necessity.

So is it legal to buy CBD Online? The answer is an astounding yes. It is very legal to buy CBD online, as long as you’re getting the right kind, with less than 0.3% THC, derived from hemp, and non-psychoactive in its properties. 

Those may seem like quite the nuances to keep up with, but it is actually quite straightforward. We discuss more on this below, but ultimately the most important thing, really, is to get your CBD Oil from the right source, and that’s where The Emerald Corp CBD Shop comes into play.

Getting your CBD from The Emerald Corp Shop ensures that you get high-quality products that are highly compliant, and put you at no risk whatsoever of breaking any federal or state law.

Things You Need to Know Before You Buy CBD Online

Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, and THC

One of the reasons for the seemingly complex nature of buying CBD online is the general misunderstanding that arises from trying to differentiate between the commonly used terminologies and what they stand for.

Three of the most common of these are the terms, cannabis, CBD, and THC. Knowing the difference between these three terms is the first step towards ensuring that you’re able to rest assured knowing you purchased the right, legal kind.

Cannabis and THC

So first, what is cannabis? Well, cannabis itself is a kind of flowering plant. Common forms of cannabis with varying legal statuses exist by different names such as weed, marijuana, pot etc. Now what’s important to note here is that these cannabis forms are bred for their high THC content.

It is the THC, then, in itself, that is responsible for the psychoactive “high” effect experienced when people consume cannabis.

Hemp and CBD

Hemp, on the other hand, is NOT cultivated for its psychoactive properties. It is cultivated for industrial use of fiber and seed. This is why hemps are grown to contain below 0.3% THC, which is the threshold that ensures no psychoactive induction when consumed.

So what then is CBD? CBD, like THC, can be found in cannabis plants, but unlike THC, CBD has NO psychoactive property. This ensures that once you have your CBD derived from industrial hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC, you can consider your CBD, and consequently any product made with it (like your CBD oil) completely legal.

It is worth noting that CBD we provide here at The Emerald Corp is absolutely legal. All our brands and products fall below the 0.3% THC threshold, and thus are safe to ship anywhere in all 50 states.

Why You Should Buy Your CBD Oil Online at The Emerald Corp Shop

There are a handful of key reasons why you should always ensure you get your CBD oil online. We provide some of the most important of these reasons below, but first and foremost, it is worth mentioning that for those in states where cannabis is illegal, it is almost highly imperative that you get your CBD online.

The reason for this is simple. In states where cannabis is illegal, getting legitimate CBD oil from a retail location is always going to be an incredibly stressful affair. 

It is almost unimaginable to undergo this stress when there’s a much more convenient, more seamless option in The Emerald Corp Shop where you can get the best CBD oil at no hassle whatsoever.

Another reason you should consider buying CBD oil online is the range of options it affords you. Not only do you have the choice to go with an array of brands, you also have a high flexibility regarding other filters such as shopping by category and type. And of course you get to filter by spectrum.

Lastly you should consider buying your CBD oil online at a place like The Emerald Corp Shop because of the trust factor and years of experience accrued that you may not easily get when shopping at newly established retail stores. 

Shop CBD The Emerald Corp Shop, you would be drilling down to the source.

Perks of Buying CBD Online at The Emerald Corp Shop

When you purchase your CBD online at The Emerald Corp Shop, you automatically ensure that what you’re getting is a high-quality, absolutely legal, and completely therapeutic CBD oil. And then, of course, you get to enjoy a few more perks listed below:

Array of Brand Options to Choose From

At The Emerald Corp we give you the luxury of choosing between numerous high quality brands all with a formula of their own. And even though they all have something unique to offer, one thing they all have in common is a knack for delivering high quality products that keeps you coming back for more.

Shop By Categories

The Emerald Corp Shop also offers a comprehensive category to sort by. What this means is that you’re not limited to CBD oils alone in your quest to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD products in general. 

You also also have the options of edibles, hand sanitizer, panic blockers, and cosmetics.

Easy to Use Customer Portal

Here at The Emerald Corp, our emphasis is just about geared towards convenience as it is on efficiency, and this is why we offer a comprehensive customer portal to track your status, making sure at the same time that is simple enough to navigate without having to waste an entire day figuring out the intricacies of the system.

Vertical Integration 

At The Emerald Corp, we operate a vertically integrated operations chain for even more efficiency. You can rest assured that there is not a moment wasted, or an ounce of quality sacrificed in attempts to outsource a key stage of production to another firm.

From seed to sale, The Emerald Corp us in full control of our supply chain.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

All our products at The Emerald Corp are formulated by highly talented individuals at state-of-the-art facilities that rank as some of the best in the country. We are always constantly innovating and coming up with formulas that are going to leave you enriched and feeling great for a long time.

Industry Leading Compliance

The fact that you’re here reading this automatically shows that you care about compliance. And that is great because at The Emerald Corp Shop, we do too. Our company is highly industry compliant, boosting a GNP certification and other industry test certifications to prove this.

Is it Legal to Ship all CBD Products Online?

Having learnt that CBD oil, derived from hemp and falling under the 0.3% threshold of THC is federally legal and okay to ship anywhere in America, another question worth considering is whether or not this is limited to CBD oil only.

In other words, are other CBD products such as edibles and cosmetics also legal to ship online and buy from The Emerald Corp Shop? The answer to this is also a resounding yes. Just like CBD oils, other CBD derivatives are safe to buy and ship to your home once they fulfil the condition above, which is to fall under the 0.3% psychoactive THC threshold, a condition which all our products completely fulfils.

Which Companies are Compliant and Safe?

The DEA has acknowledged that CBD is completely legal once it’s made from hemp stalk and contains less than 0.3% THC. All companies that grow their CBD this way are considered safe and compliant. The Emerald Corp Shop is one of them.

What You Should Be on the Lookout For When Buying CBD Oil Online

Apart from compliance, source, and THC threshold, below are some other factors you should always consider before buying CBD oil online.

3rd Party Tests Matters

One of the things you should always check is whether or not the company you’re buying for conducts third party tests on their products. This is done to ensure proper formulation and accuracy of ingredients. And yes, at The Emerald Corp we ensure that our raw materials and final products are 3rd party tested.

Amount of CBD

Before you purchase a CBD product you should also try to understand just how CBD is present in the product. While it is not as important as knowing THC level to determine legality, it can also help determine how potent and effective the product will end up being.


Buying CBD online is completely legal. To ensure safety, compliance and enjoy a host of other perks it is advisable to shop at a reputable store such as The Emerald Corp Shop. Here you’re guaranteed to find an array of high-quality products and brands that are not only compliant, but are also constantly innovating and ready to answer all your questions and queries.