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Label The Products Under Your Brand

12:22 am EDT 9/9/2020

Emerald Corp supply chain provides you a range of private labelled products. Before going further in the depth of the quality and range of the products we provide, let me give you an insight about what private label products are. Alongside, different spectrum of hemp oil is available so that the end user may choose as per the requirement and necessity.

Private label products:

It is a product which is manufactured by one company but sold under the label of another. Many a times, company manufacture product and sell it to another company. This company then put the products under their label and sell in the market.

What is importance and necessity of the private label products?

To set up a manufacturing unit is often costly and needs huge investment for maintenance as well. Private label is an easy way to have your own products without investing huge sum of money in it.

Emerald Corp provides you with a range of quality products manufactured under the guidance of the experts. With the trust of emerald, you may have your own brand label.

You own the product in private labelling. The product is sold to only one company and under the tag of that very company it enters the market. Similar products might be available in the market but the manufacturer won’t be same.

How famous and reliable is it?

I know, not many are aware how widespread is private labelling. But have you ever come across products sold under label of supermarket? That is a classic example of private labelling. It is more common than one thinks it is.

The reliability depends on the manufacturer you choose. I guarantee that the product quality you get at Emerald is at par.

White label Vs Private label

At times, when not understood properly, one may mistake private label and white label products as a same thing. But the major difference between the two is that private label products are sold exclusively to one company. While on the other hand, white label products are sold to many companies.

If suppose, you buy hemp oil, if it is under private label brand then that very product is sold exclusively to you only by the manufacturer. But on the contrary, if it is a white label product then the same product would be sold under different brand labels.

Working in the industry for years now, my experience says that private labelling provides you with the pride of the quality of the products. In white label, many companies avail and promote same product with same quality which spoils and saturates the market for you.

Imagine your company exclusively selling a quality product and then compare it with a number of companies selling same product. You will be able to understand the difference clearly.

I have seen private labelling products flourishing in the market more than other competitors. Another reason for it could be the freedom of change and feedback provided in private labelling.

It allows the brand to give feedback to the manufacturer and customize or improvise the quality of product as per the demand of the consumer market.

Brands of phone accessorise to clothing, cosmetics, furniture, workout products etc. are all flooding the market with private labelling.

Emerald Corp’s range of private labelling products with their importance and use:

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is basically hempseed oil. It is harvested from the hemp seeds by cold compressing it. Usually clear green oil and have a nutty flavour.

At Emerald Corps, there are a wide spectrum of products offered. You may even customize the products as per your demand. You may choose from full spectrum, broad spectrum and ultra-broad spectrum hemp oil range.

Talking about hemp oil, I would like to clear the doubts about the similarity between the CBD oil and hemp oil. Alongside, I would also like to clarify the most famous misconception that CBD oil and hemp oil are same. No folks, the are not same. Hemp and CBD oil are two different products.

As I have mentioned above, hemp oil is unrefined and is harvested by cold compressing hempseeds. On the other hand, the CBD or Cannabidiol oil utilizes hemp flower and leaves for its production and is an extract of cannabis plant.

Hemp oil is used for a variety of purposes. It has health benefits besides that it improves the health of skin as well. The nourishing vitamins and the moisturizing property of the hemp oil makes it a source of attraction for cosmetics and skin care experts.

Oily skin is the most common type of skin and people with such a skin type are always worried because of their pimple and acne outburst. It is not limited to teenage only but may bother one lifelong. Kemp oil is no less than a miracle for such skin type. It moderates and control the production of oil.

Dryness may be one of the reasons for oily skin. To subside and cover the dryness, skin produces oil. This over production of oil clogs the skin pores and causes acne. Hemp oil regulates the oil production by providing required hydration to the skin without clogging the pores. Hence, reducing the biggest problem of all the girls out there.

Another property of hemp oil is that it moisturizes and soothes the inflammations. GLA, gamma linolenic acid, which is present in the hemp oil naturally is anti-inflammatory in nature. It also aids in skin growth and generation of new cells. Irritation and inflammation caused by a range of factors like psoriasis, acne etc. can be cured by usage of hemp oil. Based on the type of skin and severity of breakout, one can choose the spectrum of the hemp oil required.

Many of us do not want to look aged. Fine lines on face and wrinkles caused by the natural smile curves etc are the common signs of aging. Hemp oil reduced wrinkles and fine lines and hence including hemp oil in your diet may help you look younger for years. It hance place a very crucial role in skin health.

Hair care

CBD shampoo and conditioners have invaded the market since 2018 when the new farm bill came into action. A lot of debate was done around the effect and results of the product. CBD oil was already being used in skin care products stating its anti-inflammatory property. But the use of CBD oil in hair products is quite new.

After so many debates and researches, it is now proved and believed that the CBD oil, reduces topical irritation, dandruff, eczema, flaky and itchy scalp, seborrheic dermatitis. It is also believed that CBD oil enhances the hair growth, another major issue in today’s world. Pollution, busy routine and lack of nutrition in diet has affected the health of skin and hair immensely. CBD oil usage may also enhance hair growth.


CBD tincture is a liquid dietary supplement. It is rich in CBD oil and is helpful in resolving many problems and health issues. Though CBD was available all while long, it is recently that researches have been made to understand and explore the use of CBD in healthcare department. Still it is believed that not all aspects of it is known. There is yet a lot to know and explore about CBD usage in health and skin care field.

In CBD tincture, CBD oil is extracted using liquid carbon dioxide which is then mixed with a career oil. CBD oil comes in a variety of form, vaping, eating, smoking, applying as a cream, wearing a patch, drinking, tincture etc.

A normal state of health and lifestyle can be induced by taking advised dosage of CBD oil tincture on a daily basis. It could be taken by mixing it with edibles. It comes in different flavour as well so that accordingly to your taste you may choose the one you can take easily. It is easy to store with a long shelf life. Doesn’t even have bad odor so may be given to the kids without hassle. It is easily absorbed so you face no difficulty in mixing it with another food and drink.

Other forms

CBD oil can be consumed in various other forms as well like CBD shots, supplement tablets and smoke-ables. After taking advice from the medical health professional, one may choose whatever way he or she finds the best and easy to consume.

The advice of medical health professional is advisable because heavy dosage may even harm the body as well. But when taken in permissible amount, it can change the lifestyle and health of a person for better.

The brands may use the above-mentioned valuable information to advertise and market their product. It is of utmost importance to know what you are marketing and selling. My experience says when you know your product. Knowing here isn’t limited to what internet says about it but also what your personal experience says about it. It always adds value and emotions to your pitch and that’s where you impress and take the consumer in confidence. Once your consumer is attached with you emotionally, it will be a lifelong bond. It also adds your responsibility to be honest and true to your consumers. Even if you have a negative review or an apology to make, you may do so without hesitation. Concluding my words, I would only like to say that all is said when arranged in proper words.