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What is white label cbd

1:49 pm EDT 7/25/2022

CBD products have risen and have been all over the web these past few years. With that comes the rise of the many different brands of CBD products available. Have you ever wondered where these CBD products come from and how these CBD products and brands have succeeded? Well, we have three words: white label CBD.

What is white label CBD?

The term “white label” means contracting a third party for manufacturing services. CBD is no different than any other product on the market: Some companies prefer to spend their time working on other aspects of their cannabis company, so they delegate the production of the product, bottles, and the creation of CBD packaging to other trusted experts.

Now, just what exactly is white label CBD? White label CBD is products manufactured by someone else but under your brand. So, instead of buying a CBD product with a name or brand you’re unfamiliar with, you buy from a company you know and trust! This gives peace of mind that what you’re getting is safe, effective, and accurately labeled. Later, we’ll discuss where to find these white label manufacturers.

Advantages of white label CBD

White label CBD is the perfect solution if you want to be a part of this growing cannabis industry without all the hassle! One of the great benefits of white label CBD is that it gives you the control to decide on things such as what the CBD label would look like, what the website would look like, what the brands name will be, what the CBD products are, how they are packaged, and where the products come from.

White label CBD means that the end consumer can purchase a product through the white label CBD brand or via the white label CBD website. Still, they can also purchase the same CBD product through the manufacturer’s website or retail outlet. So if you want to know more about it, we’ll be pointing you in the right direction on where to find white label CBD manufacturers so that you can gather more information on the manufacturer themselves.

Where to find white label CBD manufacturer

The answer on where to find white label CBD manufacturers can be found exactly here. You don’t have to spend hours researching where to find white label manufacturers anymore, as we have just the perfect company for you. Emerald Corp will be working with you to build your CBD brand. You’ll get CBD products that will not disappoint, as they are made by a team that is the best at what they do. 

Emerald Corp products contain high-quality ingredients sourced in the USA — which means that the products are natural and of top-notch quality.  Emerald Corp goes above and beyond to help you reach your success. We have a wide variety of white label CBD products (from brownies to cosmetics!), which you can check out here

Aside from our products and white label manufacturing, we can also work on your brand for you. So you can have anything done, from your brand name to your web design/development! Plus, we understand how big of a deal social media presence is nowadays. That is why you can also have your social media reform done by us to further your potential and reach success. So instead of spending hours researching where to find different people to do different things for you, you can delegate everything else to us! Your satisfaction is and always will be Emerald Corp’s priority.


White labeling is the perfect way for those who prefer to delegate creating their own brands to more experienced people — whether for those who aren’t quite ready to jump into marketing their own products or for those who prefer not to make their own products just yet.

Companies such as these offer full service, which means they will handle everything from creating your logo and packaging, to developing your social media strategy. Now, no more spending hours worrying about where to find white label CBD manufacturers. Emerald Corp is here to do all the behind-the-scenes work for you gladly! This also gives you the freedom to work on the other aspects of your brand.

You can read more about us and see what else we can do for you — whether it’s about your branding, manufacturing, or formulation. Or if you’re looking to start your own CBD brand, you can tell us more about yourself by filling up the form here, or you can also contact us here