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Types Of Supplements You Need In Your Store

1:44 pm EDT 5/21/2021

The health and wellness industry is a trillion dollar industry. There is a lot of money to be made in this business, considering that this industry will continue growing as more consumers strive to live a healthy life. Private label supplements provide a way for people to support wellness. By stocking supplements, you will  be providing your customers with  a practical and convenient way to make positive changes in their lives and be healthier.

There is a huge market for supplements. While people might find it hard to make extensive lifestyle and diet changes, supplements offer a quick solution even to those who have tight schedules. Consumers can use supplements even when they are on the go. This will help them to maximize the results obtained.

Why Stock Different Types Of Supplements

One of the ways to increase your store margins is by stocking a wide variety of supplements. This is also a great way to please your customers, as they will know that they can rely on you to provide them with the different selection of products that they want.

Supplements are usually taken for many reasons, such as to help boost energy levels, boost mood, memory and aid in better digestion.

When deciding which type of supplement to stock, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • You can decide to have a complete line of products. This way, you won’t have to keep making special orders for your clients, as you will have most of what they need.
  • Know the marketplace and the competition -Understand your competition and know the kind of products that they are stocking. This can help you fill an existing gap in the market. It can also help you know which the best products to stock are and which ones are doing well within your market.
  • Domestic production facilities – You will have peace of mind knowing that the supplements you are buying are produced under regulated conditions by the FDA. You will be confident that the manufacturer is producing a product that is within certified parameters. By stocking products manufactured in the US rather than overseas, you will know that the finished product meets FDA guidelines.

Different Types Of Supplements

There are different types of supplements in the industry. Each type of supplement has been designed to meet a specific need.

  • Liquid Supplements

One of the best ways to support optimum health is through the use of liquid supplements. Liquid supplements are easy to ingest and they are absorbed fast into the body.

The Emerald Corp uses the healing power of medicinal plants to formulate a range of tinctures.

Tinctures are popular among people who are constantly on the go. They can be easily mixed in food and drinks.  Therefore, it is best used by those who are looking for a convenient way to support their wellness.

The tinctures are made using immune supporting ingredients. This includes elderberry, turmeric, mushroom, lemon, among many others. These ingredients are processed and extracted in such a way that there nutritional properties are preserved.

The fact that they have droppers makes it easy to measure and take the supplement.

  • Edible Supplements

Edible supplements come in different forms, including in the form of gummies. One of the most fun ways to consume CBD is in the form of gummies. They are tasty, easily portable and discrete.

One of the best ways to choose an edible product is by ensuring that it is made from the best hemp. The overall ingredients used also matter. For instance, The Emerald Corp gummies do not have sugar.


Edible supplements are meant to be digested through the stomach. Gummies can be easily integrated into someone’s life. There are vegan friendly formulas that support wellness in daily life. They are a great option for people who want to avoid THC.

When choosing gummies, some of the things to be on the lookout for include whether the gummies have been made using natural flavors, and check if any preservatives have been used.

Gummies are a good way for those who have never used CBD before to dip their feet into the waters. If you have potential clients who would like to try out CBD, then stocking gummies is a good idea. The gum can even be cut into half or quarters, so as to allow the user to slowly increase the dosage, as they evaluate the right amount that is ideal for them.

  • Topicals

Topicals provide customers with another way of diversifying how they consume supplements. Topical products like balms, roll-ons and body lotions are applied on affected areas to support pain relief. These are products that have been made from American hemp.

These topicals have anti-inflammatory properties that provide pain support via cannabinoid receptors that are on the skin. This makes them ideal for use by people who are suffering from chronic pain or arthritis.

Some of the factors to be on the lookout for when determining what kind of topicals to stock in your shop include:

  • The source of hemp – Buy products that have been made using hemp that has been grown in the US.
  • The type of hemp extract – Whether it is full spectrum, broad spectrum or just CBD isolates.
  • The extraction method used – Ethanol and CO2 extraction are some of the best extraction methods.
  • Potency – Get topical products that have varying levels of CBD. The dosage used will depend on the needs of the consumer and pain response.
  • Soft Gels and Capsules

Supplements can also come in the form of soft gels and tablets. One of the major advantages of soft gels and tablets is that they are easy to swallow. In the case of capsules, they do not break down in the mouth, this therefore makes them an easy way to consume bitter products. The consumer won’t feel any taste in their mouth. In addition, they do not have odor.

Soft gels and capsules have a long shelf life. This gives you enough time to sell the products without worrying that they will go bad.

Even though there are different types of supplements, most consumers prefer to take supplements in the form of capsules and soft gel. Even though they might be pricier than other products, most customers would be willing to pay a premium price for them. The superior quality of soft gels makes them quite appealing to users.

Capsules and soft gel disintegrate fast in the body, hence fast nutrient delivery in the body, so there will be a quicker onset of action in the body.

The capsules and soft gel come sealed in an airproof container, which reduces oxidation and degradation of the product. The opaque containers provide protection light and UV radiation.

  • Shots

Energy shots are a fast growing trend in the supplements market. They have been embraced by tired and fatigued students and worn out workers, who need a quick boost in energy. They provide a quick and convenient way for one to get an energy boost.

Mostly, people aged between 25 – 45 years old are the ones who link this drink, so if this is the demographic of your customers, you might want to give this product a try. Also, energy shots are mostly popular among young men. Energy shots are a good option for people who are physically active and who exercise on a regular basis, especially when they do not have access to food. It will help you to meet the energy needs that you have to help you be physically active.

There are different flavors to appeal to different taste buds. The shots are portable and palatable for a wide range of people. One should only take one bottle a day. If someone wants to take 2 bottles, they should not take them one after the other, but consume them several hours apart.

This specialized drink is usually sold in small bottles, so that they can be easily downed in a few minutes. The drink provides a refreshing energy boost. The drink does not have many calories since it does not contain sugar.

Taking energy shots from time to time is generally considered harmless. Therefore, if someone is in a tight spot and they need a quick pick me up, then energy shots will suffice.


Now that you know the different types of supplements in the market, it is time to use this knowledge and use it to invest in the market. For your business to flourish, you need to have the right product and the right manufacturer or supplier.

When deciding which supplements to sell, there are so many options to choose from. That is why it is essential that you research the market and identify what the needs of your clients are. You don’t necessarily have to sell all kinds of supplements that are available, you can even decide to identify a niche and specialize in that.  You can also decide to stock complimentary supplements, which can easily be sold together. Therefore, first understand what options you have and then workout which type of supplement will do well in your store before you start stocking up.