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Third-party lab tests and private label products

2:08 am EDT 10/13/2022

Introduction to Why Should I Look for Third-Party Lab Testing With My Private Label Products

Sure, you’ve got a great private label CBD product already proven to work. But what if there’s something else in it? Or what if a contaminant has unknowingly made its way into your supplement? That’s a lot of risk for your private label business. So why not take advantage of third-party lab testing with your private label products?

Ensures the integrity and quality of your private label brand

It’s important to make sure that you are selling a quality private label product. If you doubt the quality of your private label product, it is best not to sell it at all. This is usually true when it comes to private label supplements.

It’s important that you ensure that your private label CBD products aren’t harmful or dangerous for customers or consumers who use them. For example: if there was no guarantee on the safety of any chemicals or ingredients used in making these private label supplements, then this would be an area where you would want someone else looking over your shoulder – not only because of potential liability issues but also because it could potentially affect customer trust in your private label brand as well!

You may not think this is important, but it will become more so as time goes on. Reputation management has become more vital today than ever because of how much information is out there. The best way to counteract this is through transparency and honesty within a private label company – while also using third-party testing.

Provides transparency to the customer

You should always provide transparency to your customers. This means telling them what they need to know and making it easy for them to understand.

  • Provide transparency by telling customers what they want to know about their private label product. For example, if you sell a private label supplement that has been tested by third-party lab testing, you should tell them how it was tested and who performed it.
  • Make it easy for potential customers to understand the health risks associated with using your product (if any). 

The benefits of providing transparency and information to customers are clear. People want to understand what they’re getting before making a purchase, so businesses need to be upfront about their product’s ingredients and private label CBD manufacturing processes. Companies that fail at this will find it harder to compete with those who are succeeding.

Makes it a part of your marketing and sales process

A certificate of analysis is a tangible part of your private label CBD branding and makes it easy to show customers that you have thought through their needs. You can use it in your marketing, social media, and private label packaging.

It’s also worth noting that a certificate of analysis is useful for selling private label products and as an asset when selling services or consulting services because it demonstrates the expertise and knowledge behind them.

It separates you from your competition.

Third-party lab testing is an easy way to differentiate yourself from the crowd and show that you’re serious about your private label supplement. In addition, it offers customers that there are other companies out there who have thought through their private label products, which can also help motivate them to buy yours instead.

It’s a way to show you’re serious about your customers. When you send samples off for testing, it shows that you are willing to go above and beyond just getting them their private label product on time. This can be important if there have been any product quality or performance issues in the past.

Not everyone does third-party lab testing for private label products!

Why should you do it for your private label supplements? Third-party testing is a sign of quality. It shows that you care about your products, customers, and their satisfaction with your private label product or service, which can be a key differentiator in an increasingly crowded marketplace. And it’s also an important part of marketing and sales processes: if you don’t use third-party lab testing to verify the quality of your private label supplements, someone else will. 

The key is finding a lab that can do it all, providing accurate results at an affordable price. In addition, an excellent third-party lab can be a valuable partner in your business, helping to ensure your private label supplements are of the highest quality possible.

Conclusion to why you should look for third-party lab testing for your private label supplements

We know that building a business is tricky. Sometimes, you just need to ask the right questions and determine your options. But how do you know which labs are reputable and trustworthy? That’s where we come in! The Emerald Corp has years of experience in having all of our supplements third-party tested. So we know exactly what you need to make sure your private label supplements reach the shelves safely (and correctly). If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, people trust us more because they know we will do things right—whether checking product labels or helping with private label supplement development. And as a bonus? Our prices are low because we focus on saving our clients money rather than making big profits from their private label products.