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Simple Mistakes Everyone Makes When Building Supplement Brands.

11:13 am EDT 5/17/2021

As long as humans are in the process of building private label supplement brands, it is not impossible that they get caught up in the web of a few mistakes. Because, to stumble is human. Right?

However, there is something to be positive about. All these mistakes, if given attention, can be managed and reduced to the barest minimum. Of course, you would have to first be able to point out common mistakes that you might make in the process of building supplement brand. 

The supplement market is quite pervaded with plenty of shots for start-ups that has the ability to meet the needs of consumers.  However, From start-ups to firm brands, there are specific simple mistakes everyone makes building supplement brands which if disregarded could lead to folding up of supplement industries. 

To avoid fold up, and enhance a smooth run of supplement branding,  it is advised that supplement companies gets familiar with these mistakes.


To successfully run any type of brand, especially a private label supplements brand, shortage of consumer insight is a mistake that is common. 

It is so easy to miss the insight of consumers and so, this mistakes comes easily to brand owners and managers. 

But, should it continue to be a mistake? Of course, not! 

Having sufficient understanding of who your customers are and what they need facilitates you to make data- conscious decisions. This also helps you to spend less time and money and enables you to reach the right people. 

When building supplement brands, you must come to terms with the fact that not everyone can be your target audience. If you want your supplement brand to run smoothly, you must have sufficient consumer insight.


Scientific claims and proofs are very important because it confirms that your products are effective and that you are using valid ingredients in the right quantity. However,too many scientific claims can turn off potential clients. Clients do not enjoy bombarded with scientific claims every time they walk into the supplementary aisle in the supermarket. Brands spray percentages, current facts and data into their marketing methods, forcing the consumer to do mental gymnastics to analyze the best option. 

So, this means if you’re one of the many who rely solely on scientific claims to progress or get things done, you are making a mistake. 

Circumvent excessive reliance  on scientific claims. Instead, use data to confirm the effectiveness of your supplements  and to show how your products can meet the demands of your clients.


Don’t get it twisted! It is within your right to check out your competitors and there is definitely nothing wrong with deciding to understudy a competitor when you are about to start your own brand. After all, everyone learned from someone. 

In checking out other brands, you would definitely feel the need and desire to outshine others when it comes to standard. Yielding to this feeling in itself is still not foul or even unhealthy. 

What is not healthy however, is going back every time to check on your competitors, and in this light doing only things inspired from doing better than your competitors. 

This is one mistake everyone makes building supplement brands especially in their start-up stage. Most start-ups make the mistake of competing with other  supplementary industries instead of spending money on creating products and brands that meet the standard of their industry; posses excellent marketing techniques, effective packaging and know their audience very well, while earning reviews to support their claims. For every dollar their competitors try to save by using lower quality materials and packaging for impressive reasons, these large suppliers easily spend twice that to maintain their own good reputation and high standards.

If your brand structure is not solving a problem, then it is not a brand. Instead of using your marketing budget to outperform your competitor, focus on creating a brand that meets the specific needs of your target market in a meaningful way.


It is not wrong to blow your own trumpet. In fact, in business, it is advised. You are right to talk to consumers, colleagues and competitors about thing you can do. 

Where we draw the line is at overhyping. 

There is no reason to blow your own trumpet beyond the usual. What even is the point in saying you are able to do something you cannot do? 

If you’re hoping to build a reputable, respectable brand, it is important that you do not over do things. 

This mistake is particular to start- ups. They make the mistake of trying to make people believe that their products are exclusive and the best amidst others. While it is good to be confident about your supplement brand, note that if prospects continues to hear and see this, they may begin to doubt you. Talk about your supplements, but do not use over hyped terms. 


Whether you agree or not, your brand is as brilliant as the people behind operations. So, yes! 

The operational needs is something you do not ant to neglect. Rather, it is something you want to always give your attention. 

And yes, people often make the mistake of taking major operations as the only important operational system of a company. Forgetting that all parts of the operation, including marketing strategies are equally important to the progress of the supplement brand. 

If only marketing strategies were given as much attention as factories and the general operating system. 

In the factory, everything is measurable, and there are feedback loops to get things back on track if they fall off. In contrast, marketing is dealt with levity or the thing that fun people do on the second floor. It is not seen as a business engine. We advice that everyone building supplement brands  should invest in marketing with the same energy used for a new packaging machine. 


Business owners and managers of supplement brands who refuse to acknowledge what the brand stands for find themselves standing for everyone. 

If you are a new start – up, this is something you want to avoid doing at all cost. 

Being definitive has never been a disadvantage to any brand or company. Guess what has caused harm to brands in time past? Well, you guessed right! Being indecisive about where the brand stands and what the brand stands for. 

This is not common in the larger natural product sector. But with supplement brands, the specific mission is often generic –  For instance, it is often, “to help people improve their health.” By conducting dozens of workshops with complementary company leadership teams,  and so on… The reality is that  behind every successful brand there is a deeper mission just waiting to be clarified. Do not go back to general vulgarity.

Have a clear, cut out mission. After all, a brand is a distinguished characteristic feature of a business. You really can’t do what everyone else does and expect a different result. 


Instead of making enemies, why not make friends in the industry?

More than anything, making friends with the people than matter can change a lot of things for you and your brand. 

As long as you’re a representative of your brand, you definitely want to mix with other people to learn and create things together, if possible. 

Networking is a major component of business success. Many start-ups seem to forget to create relationships with their clients. One of the most important goals of your business should be to build strong relationships with your existing customers while still finding new clients as well as others in the industry who have become well established over time.

Do not also disregard or forget to build a favorable work environment for yourself and your workers. Build strong communication with your workers, appreciate them so they can work harder and give your brand the smooth ride you desire. 


One of the biggest mistakes a supplement brand can make is not being sure about the details surrounding your product. Before contacting a contract manufacturer, you need to define all aspects of your brand, including your production schedule, your target audience, the ingredients you want (and do not want) to use, and your marketing strategy. In addition, you need to identify your “mission”, the underlying and driving force behind why and what your supplement brand does as stated in number 6.

Describing the answers to these questions in advance can put you in a better position once you are ready to start investigating brand building. You can avoid costly failures by clearly defining what you need from your contract maker in advance and by conducting thorough research in the early stages of development. If you need help, your brand expert can help you set a product completion schedule, as they are well versed in many new product development processes.

Emerald corp is here to guide through the process of creating a supplement brand. With Emerald Corp, you’ll avoid mistakes that most people make.