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12:22 am EDT 9/9/2020

Label The Products Under Your Brand

Emerald Corp supply chain provides you a range of private labelled products. Before going further in the depth of the quality and range of the products we provide, let me give you an insight about what private label products are. Alongside, different spectrum of hemp oil is available so that the end user may choose […]


12:27 am EDT 9/2/2020

Selecting a CBD Brand you can trust

It’s not a secret that CBD has become quite an admired supplement across the country in recent years. Since the federal government passed the bill in 2018, legalizing the sale of hemp and every hemp-derived product containing less than 0.3% THC, CBD products have virtually exploded onto the market. In your community, you’ll see CBD […]


1:45 am EDT 8/26/2020

The Supplement Industry Is Booming

Unless you’ve been away to outer space, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about cannabidiol (or CBD, as it’s colloquially known). Of course, you may have no idea of exactly what CBD is, what it’s used for or why CBD-based have become a hot topic around the world… still, the point remains. More brands are […]


5:55 pm EDT 8/13/2020

Where Can I Buy CBD With Less than .3%THC?

Buying CBD may be a challenging task for a number of reasons: the first is being new to the compound and not having enough understanding yet as to what the terminologies and legislations are. The second is not knowing the right place to purchase your CBD from, even with a perfect knowledge of the compound […]