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How We Offer Quick Turn Around Times Of Our Private Label Products

10:48 am EDT 9/20/2022

The Emerald Corp is a privately owned company that has worked with thousands of customers all over the U.S. to create their private label CBD products. We have ensured that we have provided our customers with quality, high-quality and timely service for multiple years. Our dedicated professionals work hard to ensure our customers get the highest quality private label products at the lowest prices possible. We have a myriad of private label CBD products available for you to choose from. These include CBD tinctures, cookies, cosmetics, and more. The Emerald Corp believes that by serving our customers with a wide selection of private label CBD products, they will be able to find something that fits their needs and budget.


If you’re looking for a CBD private label product, we can help you source the best quality materials at reasonable prices. Our private label CBD sourcing team will provide information on suppliers in your area and what they specialize in. We also have extensive experience providing samples of our private label products to ensure they are perfect before production begins. If you need help testing or packaging your private label CBD products, then we can do this as well! For all other aspects of private labeling with us, just give us a call or send an email.

Order Preparation

The Emerald Corp offers quick turnaround times on order preparation. If you place an order, we’ll begin processing it within days. We also have a fast turnaround time on order preparation for private label products that will be manufactured in the U.S. This means if your private label CBD product needs to be manufactured and shipped in a few days, we can easily meet that deadline!

Private Label Manufacturing 

The private label manufacturing process of our CBD private label products is very simple. First, the raw materials are purchased from the supplier and then sent to a local factory where they’ll be stored until we need them. Then, once you’ve ordered your private label product with us, we’ll ship it directly from our warehouse to your doorstep within days!

Our quality control measures include maintaining strict quality standards throughout every production stage so that all orders meet or exceed expectations. We also can send out new batches of the quantity you need as soon as possible after an order has been placed, depending on demand levels at any given time (which means no waiting!).

We offer fast shipping times because we know how important it is for customers like yourself who want their orders delivered quickly without having delays due to unexpected issues. The Emerald Corp offers the best private label CBD products and services because we care about our customers. We want to see you satisfied with your orders and will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. If you have questions regarding our private label CBD products or services, please don’t hesitate to email us anytime.

Quality Control

Quality control is the manner of ensuring that a private label CBD product meets the quality standards and requirements of the company. The quality control team ensures everything is of superior quality, from inspection to testing and packaging. This ensures that you and your customers get what they want when they order it at a competitive price—all while keeping up with changing consumer tastes and expectations.


The Emerald Corp has an extensive network of shipping partners around the world. We can ship to multiple locations in the U.S. Our shipping carriers include the most popular companies and several other national carriers that usually offer fast delivery within days! The logistics team at The Emerald Corp can also provide you with solutions for international shipping and customs clearance. Our goal is to make your private label CBD products available globally (depending on your local laws), not just in the United States.

Quick turnaround times for private label products

The Emerald Corp offers quick turnaround times for our private label products. Our dedicated team handles the process, so you don’t have to. You can expect your private label product to be ready in a few days.


The Emerald Corp is a company that believes in giving our customers what they want when they want it. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times, and we understand how important quality is to all of our customers. If you need a private label CBD product order prepared within a few days, we can do that for you!