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How To Grow A Supplement Brand With Less Than $1,000.

11:07 am EDT 5/18/2021

The supplements business is booming with a particular increase in demand for effective and safe supplements; the supplement industry globally is expected to reach $275 billion in 2028. The market is growing, and so is the demand for private label supplements that support a healthy lifestyle. But then why the urge for supplements? 

As our generation expands, there is an insatiable demand for new ways to stay healthy and look nice. There are various supplements out there; however, consumers are conscious now than before. At every point, products made available for sale undergo series of public scrutiny to ascertain the ingredients used in the formulation and what previous users have to say about it. So yes, by understanding that rather than complex medicine and a compulsory skincare regime, there are safer ways to circumspect every rigor and still live a healthy life. The demand for supplements skyrocketed. 

With the global expectation of the industry, it is indeed a business worth trying.

Wondering whether you can start a supplement brand with less than $1000?  I have good news for you because the answer is a practicable yes. 

In this article, you are going to learn how to start your own private label supplement brand with less than $1000, along with how you can grow your limited capital and record massive profit. 


I know you want to start at once, formulation, packaging, and all; however, your available capital may not be enough. So rather than waiting to grow your saving, start with a partner.

Before working with any partner, you want to consider if they offer supplements in low moq because having less than $1000 may not be able to purchase a high quantity supplement. 

After ascertaining that they offer products that fall within the range you can afford, confirm their formulation’s quality. Often time suppliers or partners allow you to go through their certificates and formulas. You can request for it, if it is not made available to the public. The main reason for this is to ensure that they offer safe products that align with your brand identity. For example, if you want to provide an all-natural supplement, it is compulsory to check that your prospective partner formulates with natural ingredients.

 There are a host of available partners to offer you this demand; for example, Emerald Corp at offers private labeling opportunities for those interested in supplements. They produce supplements with safe formulations, and you are even allowed to choose your own formula. They also help with the branding and marketing of your brand. 


The next step after finding the right partner is branding. Actually, branding is everything for business. Create the identity you want by setting up your business philosophy. Let every other thing revolve around your philosophy. The business philosophy is selling from your own perspective. It gives your business vision and purpose. And with it, every other step is ascertainable.

 After setting your philosophy, spend a reasonable amount of money on packaging.  Pay graphic designers for nice pictures for your brand; you can also do that yourself by using free websites that allow you to create fancy mockups for your brand. Websites like mockplus, graphic burger, pixeden, designmoo provide the opportunity to design free and great-looking pictures. Exploit their free offers and create beautiful designs you can put on every social media page.


Now that you are done with branding move to setting up a website for your brand. The business world is digital, and to meet up with customers’ demand you need an online presence. Create an eCommerce website where customers can order, pay and expect delivery without getting to your store. With this, you will be surprised that you don’t need big physical space to sell. Ensure that your branding is sophisticate and showcase it to the entire world through an active website that does not just display your product but also allows customers to buy directly. Also, a website is helpful for advertisement; with it, you can announce a new flash sale or discount for customers to see.

Furthermore, the website allows your business to remain active for the 24hours, so you have orders coming in, payment is made even when you are asleep. However, you want to pay attention to every step and order to ensure that your customers do not need to wait for feedback. Finally, create a blog post where you carry your customer along, make it available for every user. This blog allows you to create wider customer base, and with consistency, you may realize you have more orders coming from people who gain one or two things from your blog post.


Normalize selling your product online by paying for active ads that allow your brand to reach a vast number of people across the globe. There is an increasing demand for supplements in different countries, and it will be shocking that you are more likely to have an awaiting customer base somewhere far from your location. However, to patronize your brand, they need to hear about it first; pay for ads like google ads and/or youtube ads.

 One fantastic benefit is that these platforms offer you the first trial at a very low price; this enables you to actually try out more ads while spending less; you then ascertain which one is reaching your customers. Furthermore, set up a mini online store on amazon where people can see your product and other related products. To have the upper hand here, it is essential that you focus on product descriptions as well as customers’ reviews because a product with good reviews sells better. 

To improve product description, involve the work of SEO writers who put in the best keywords, especially frequently search words. To ensure good reviews, work on the quality of your product. Inform your partner of relevant reviews and request for a better products where the review is not satisfying.


Take your business forward by setting up a small space where you can sell directly to customers. Advertising online is definitely good, but it may not reach those who also need your product. In fact, you can grow an active customer base by setting up a small space for retail. This can set your business up by referrals; once the quality is good, people will always return.

 After getting your space, spend wisely on interior décor. While your office must look enticing enough, you do not want to spend your limited capital on fancy display shelves. So check for space that does not exceed your budget; a free space is preferable, and put every interior design you will be using in a list to see if it fits the amount you have. One good trick is to never sacrifice the money for the supplement or product for interior decoration because people are coming for the products, not the flower vases or nicely display shelves. You really want to set priorities here, and you want to set them right.   


Distributors are the vehicle to reach more customers. They are people who resell your product but get it at a discounted or low price. In return for this low price, distribution offers you several retail outlets.

Since the supplement is required everywhere, it is necessary that you make your product that available by creating excellent, unique, and eye-catching offers that allow people to apply as distributors. Ensure you get distributors in different countries, that is a way to get your business out there. 

This is not necessarily stressful; remember you are using social media advertisement to reach a wider crowd, contact more distributors with that as well. Also, visit supermarkets and pharmaceutical stores to inform them of your product and get them to buy from you and resell for you. Individuals and corporate distributors are necessary for your brand, so handle them with care and provide them with a lot of freebies.


While the journey to owning your own brand may demand time and commitment, it is indeed a more profitable way to utilize time and contribute immensely to society without compromise on your earning.

This guide contains time-tested steps that have proved helpful in the past and are still very effective. Understand that nothing beats owning your own brand and pursuing your passion. So explore the guides provided therein, contest suitability with your situation and enhance whichever step you find less appropriate. We wish you a nice ride as you commence your journey of owning your supplement brand.