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How to choose a Private Label Manufacturer

11:21 am EDT 7/28/2022

A private label manufacturer is an ultimate shortcut if you’re looking to sell your own private label supplements. You’ll be able to order the raw materials and packaging you want, make all the decisions in terms of design and color and even get quality control on your end product. That’s right: You won’t have to worry about shipping or inventory issues with working with an external retailer for your private label products. When choosing a private label CBD supplier, there are many factors to consider.

Choose a private label manufacturer with a good reputation.

When deciding which private label manufacturer to choose, reputation is one of the most important factors. This can be measured in many ways—how long a company has been around, customer reviews on their website, and so on. But what does it mean for your private label business?

  • Quality private label supplements: If you don’t have a good reputation for quality products or services, then how can anyone trust that what they’re buying from you is reliable?
  • Trustworthy service: A customer who orders private label supplements from another company may not get what they ordered because their supplier doesn’t deliver on time or delivers damaged goods (or worse). Having a reliable delivery system will help ensure that this doesn’t happen again—and that’s why we recommend choosing someone with a proven track record like The Emerald Corp!
  • Communicating well with customers: Our clients tell us all the time about how much better communication leads directly to positive relationships between buyers/sellers/suppliers; those private label manufacturing relationships are key when it comes time for customers’ needs to change over time–but only if both parties know exactly where everything stands at any given moment.

Researching a private label manufacturer is key to finding one that works for you.

Before you even think about contacting a private label manufacturer, it’s important to do your research.

  • Ask questions. You want to make sure that the private label manufacturer you’re considering is a good fit for your needs and will be able to provide the quality products, service, and support that meet your expectations.
  • Look at their product line. Does their private label CBD supplements range look like what it should? If not, there might be some quality control or production process issues that could affect how well-made their private label supplements are during private label manufacturing—or even lead up until those products reach customers’ hands!
  • The Emerald Corp is an excellent communicator; we always ensure that our private label clients know exactly what is happening with their orders and when they will arrive (and how). We don’t just give vague estimates or timelines that can change at any moment—we let you know exactly when your private label supplement will be delivered and how many days it will take.

When choosing a private label manufacturer, you want to find one with experience producing high-quality goods. You also need to be sure they can scale up production quickly enough, so there’s no interruption in supply, which is particularly important if you’re selling your private label supplements online or through another channel like retail stores where customers expect orders to arrive on time. There is more information on our website that can answer these questions and more. 

Choose a private label manufacturer with a safety record.

When choosing a private label manufacturer, one of the most important things you can do is check their safety record. A positive safety rating will help ensure that your private label product will be produced safely and efficiently.

You should also ensure that your chosen private label manufacturer has all the necessary facilities up-to-code. This means having proper ventilation systems and ensuring no mold or mildew problems in their building or production space. The Emerald Corp has streamlined processes and quality control measures in our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility to ensure proper humidity and temperature-controlled environments to eliminate such issues. 


As an established or new private label business, you have a lot of responsibilities. You must figure out how to best execute your vision and grow your private label CBD company. But don’t worry — there are a lot of resources that The Emerald Corp can offer! Whether finding resources for private label manufacturing, or a steady supply of components necessary for production, we’ve got something here for everyone looking to start their brand in the growing private label industry. You can contact us today if you are searching for a new private label manufacturer or want to learn more about how The Emerald Corp can help you grow your private label business, contact us today! Contact us if you’d like to learn more about some of our best private label supplements.