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What’s the big deal about non GMO private label products?

12:39 pm EDT 9/6/2022

As the demand for non-GMO foods grows, retailers should consider offering CBD private label products from The Emerald Corp. Private labels allow companies to differentiate their offerings from competitors and enable consumers to choose from various brands. In addition, private label products can be viewed as healthier for consumers looking for healthier options.

As more retailers offer private label products, it will become easier for consumers and businesses alike to find the right product at an affordable price.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about genetically modified foods and prefer non-GMO alternatives.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about genetically modified foods and prefer non-GMO alternatives. This can be attributed to the fact that many consumers believe GMOs have been linked to health problems and food allergies, among other health concerns.

In response to these concerns, many companies have begun labeling their products as “non-GMO” or “non-GMO verified” to indicate that they do not contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Private label products can meet the demand for non-GMO options.

The demand for non-GMO products is growing in the U.S. and abroad. Many people still have concerns about GMO foods. No product can be assured that it does not contain GMOs without testing or asking the manufacturer directly. Even if you know that your food contains GMOs and want to avoid them altogether, it is not easy to find out which products contain GMOs and which don’t!

The good news is that private label products from The Emerald Corp can meet this need. They do so much more than provide non-GMO options. The Emerald Corp also offers better quality control and greater convenience.

Private label products offer retailers an opportunity to differentiate their offerings.

Private label products offer retailers an opportunity to differentiate their offerings. By offering a private label product that is GMO-free, organic, or otherwise different from a traditional brand, retailers can differentiate themselves from competitors.Private labeling allows you to develop your unique brand identity and tap into the success of other leading brands in your industry.

Private label products can be viewed as a healthier option.

The biggest benefit of white label CBD products is that they can be positioned as a healthier option. With non-GMO private label foods and beverages, it’s much easier to market your product as being more natural or organic than other options on the market. This can help you attract more customers who are looking for healthier options in their diet.

For more information about private label non-GMO CBD products, contact us at The Emerald Corp website. We’ll help you take your product to the next level!

Private label products offer consumers value through familiarity and the ability to trust a brand.

In the food and beverage world, private label products are one of the few categories where consumers can find good value. Private labels offer a variety of product types that offer all the benefits of name-brand brands with more convenient store availability and pricing options. They also give consumers access to familiar, trusted products that they may not be able to find in traditional grocery stores or restaurants—which is increasingly important as consumers become more concerned about their food’s origin.

Private label products are available in many forms: from canned goods like soups and beans to frozen dinners; from canned fruit juice drinks (like apple juice) to bottled water; from dairy products like yogurt cups/strips. The Emerald Corp specializes in high-quality, non-GMO private label CBD products, from edibles, and cosmetics, to tinctures. 

By offering white label CBD products, retailers can provide consumers with affordable, healthy options that are consistent with what they want.

The topic of private label products may raise a few questions in your mind. After all, aren’t they just another type of store brand? Instead, they are an opportunity for retailers to offer consumers non-GMO options that meet their needs and preferences.


Private label products are a great way to offer consumers what they want in terms of non-GMO foods. They allow retailers to differentiate their offerings, provide value through familiarity and trust, and give consumers the opportunity to choose organic options that cost less than organic produce would otherwise. And who knows? Maybe the next time someone asks why The Emerald Corp’s private label products are better than regular grocery items, you’ll be able to say: “Because they’re non-GMO!”